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What is Elevate?


ELEVATE by Excelsior is our all-in-one communications platform that is completely and uniquely customizable and scalable for any client.


The main focus is the Voice component of Elevate. We offer everything a small to large business could ever need for communications. 

Whether you are a 1-man shop and just need a business number with an app on your personal phone, a small business with about 5 desk phones, or a large corporation that is in need of a Contact Center. We have a solution for you!

Business Meeting Solutions

In our current world, we are all familiar with Zoom Meetings. Along with Elevate, we have Elevate Online Meeting. Everything works just the same, but everything with your Elevate phone system is integrated. No need for multiple subscriptions and billings to manage.

We also offer Elevate Online Webinar, for those that require it!


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